by nina gala

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"gala." is a memoir-- an exploration of girlhood, vulnerability, trauma, and silence.


released January 16, 2017

the entirety of "gala." was written and performed by nina casalena, recorded by jon birkholz at hippo hut and mixed by chris freeland at beat babies recording studio.



all rights reserved


nina gala Baltimore, Maryland



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Track Name: born wet
theres so many words
i've never spoken
tiny jewelry lockets
never opened
i buried my tiny mind
in sand and snow
i tucked away my love
in the back of the top drawer

i was born wet
but i had to walk
made to speak
forbidden to talk
shy in the summer
you cut my hair off
i looked like joan of arc
in a turtle neck
and denim overalls

some things you just don't get back
that others have taken
you kick and then you scream
and then you give in
don't forget to leave a light on
somewhere inside yourself
you will have your entire lifetime
to try and dig it back out

and here i am
and i wasn't meant
to be beautiful or brilliant
yet here i stand
not as ugly as you imagined
somehow beautiful and brilliant

i was born wet but i had to walk
Track Name: little mothers
when did my uncle
start saying i love you
every single day
all these acts of kindness
somehow combined into
a great big wave
and i sailed away

the neighbors called us
little mothers
cus we took care of ourselves
sneaking through the forest
hovering over the stove
putting dad to sleep
well i've been hell
so i know a pineapple paradise
so maybe i'm in over my head
don't knock me off my feet
life just don't seem worth living without my dream

so i'm reaching for the fruit
i don't know if it's ripe
but i've got to try
so i'm reaching for the fruit
hoping for something sweet
hoping for something right
get me the fastest black horse
you can find
and i'll ride away
Track Name: dog days
parachute of fear and doubt
always looking for the ground
or my way out
settle now

cus i love you right out in the open
there is no hunter and no prey
spent years in a shell
in the darkness of the ocean
but every dog has it's day

drunk off your hum
you sing in my ear all day long
careful hands make quiet minds
come inside

cus i love you right out in the open
the tallest tree in the storm
i'm living off of the shock of your lightning
you're my best friend forever more

if i'm an orchard
you're an orange grove
a field of wheat
the sweetest honeycomb
i'm loving you until i grow old
i find solace in what's to be seen
and told
Track Name: bare bones
i don't like this circumstance
locked up all the time
i need a chance to smell the roses
before i grow old and die

memorys a funny thing
we grow older but it stays young
and everything we thought we knew
starts to unravel

whats out there and whats inside
of everybody else's mind
i wanna see your spirit crawl outside
of your body and dance in moonlight


baby put your tarot cards down
you keep drawing the face of death
but you know you don't have to worry no
cus you've got to die to be reborn again